10 Teams who could steal Donovan Mitchell away from the Cavaliers this summer

These teams could trade for Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell this summer.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell
Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Victor Wembanyama gets co-star guard on the Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have been plagued by poor guard play and a lack of veterans this season. They have their star of the present and future in Victor Wembanyama. Now it is all about building a contending roster around the French prodigy. Can they find him a co-star and some veterans this summer?

The Spurs have more draft picks than they can fit on their roster and plenty of young talent. They can be in the running for any player, but San Antonio is attempting to thread the needle of giving Wemby time to develop before trying to compete for a championship. The 20-year-old won’t want to wait, so expect the Spurs to push some chips in this summer.

Wembanyama and Mitchell would be a near-perfect pairing. The five-time All-Star could get the young talent open looks and form a dynamic pick-and-roll duo. Wemby would clean up the backline and help hide Mitchell’s defensive struggles.

Donovan Mitchell may decide against San Antonio because they are not contending right now. Can the Spurs put the pieces around them on the fly? That is extremely difficult and dangerous. Mitchell may opt for a team near the top of the standings that he can push into the championship picture.