10 Teams who could steal Donovan Mitchell away from the Cavaliers this summer

These teams could trade for Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell this summer.
Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell
Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Is Donovan Mitchell the star LeBron James wants on the Lakers?

The Lakers will be back on star watch this summer. LeBron tried to convince his franchise to upgrade their roster before the deadline, but LA kept their powder dry. They will have three first-round draft picks to trade this summer and some young talent.

Does Mitchell pull a Damian Lillard and demand a trade to a specific team? That may be the Lakers' only chance of getting in this sweepstakes. Several other teams have more draft capital to offer. LA would have to rely on Mitchell’s desire to join LeBron and Anthony Davis.

The only way this works is the Lakers throwing in Austin Reaves, Max Christie, and some salary-matching role players with their maximum draft capital. It is not the biggest haul for Cleveland, but could be the largest offer if others are not willing to step up for a one-year rental.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be serious bidders for any star that becomes available as long as they have LeBron James. He has a player option this summer and his departure could throw LA into a rebuild. They are certainly a team to watch as is any franchise with young talent and draft capital to trade.