5 Most likely Cleveland Cavaliers to be traded away this summer

These Cavaliers will pop up in trade rumors this summer.
Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell
Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Darius Garland

The Cavs do not want to trade Garland. The 24-year-old is an All-Star and years away from his prime. Finding a young lead ball-handler capable of stretching the floor and scoring 20 every night is difficult. The 6’1 guard may not be the perfect fit next to Donovan Mitchell, but there is no questioning his talent.

Garland still has four years and $163.2 million remaining on his contract. He is set to make over $44 million in the 2027-28 season when he should be in the middle of his prime. The Cavaliers have no reason to trade him this summer, but it may come instantly.

Shams Charania reported it could be Garland’s camp that wants him out of Cleveland (subscription required). The news-breaker stopped short of mentioning a trade demand, but nothing can be ruled out completely.

Do the Cavaliers trade Garland if he wants out? They must listen to offers and see what they could get in return. If a deal blows them away, the All-Star guard may be wearing a different uniform to start the 2024-25 season.

Consider this trade unlikely, but far from impossible. It will depend heavily on Mitchell’s decision and the other moves the Cavs front office makes this summer.