Cleveland Cavaliers: Making the case to keep Garland and Allen around

Early summer rumors of a split in the Cleveland Cavaliers' core four are an overblown reaction to the growing pains of a soon-to-be contender.
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Jarrett Allen shouldn't be traded

Allen came to the Cavs back during the 2020-21 season after spending three-plus seasons with the Brooklyn Nets and has been nothing short of outstanding as a much-needed big man in the center of the Cleveland offense and defense. While his defense has brought about rave reviews from many, some out there are not happy with his offensive talents. These critics want more from the former Texas Longhorn.

While Allen hasn't necessarily lit it up from the outside, he hasn't made this team worse off on the offensive side of the ball. The argument by these critics is that Allen along with Evan Mobley on the court at the same time is slowing down the other parts of the offense and not giving their guards enough room to work their magic, somehow stifling their offense.

Allen's offensive stats have all improved in his time in Cleveland. He averaged just over 16.5 points, 10.5 rebounds and dished out almost three assists a game. The assist average went from 1.7 to 2.7 this year which suggests that Allen is seeing the court well and is making the right read on offense.

Players in the Cavaliers locker room respect Allen's game and dedication to this team. Aging and bitter veteran Marcus Morris, a teammate of Allen's for a split second, made some comments recently about how Allen was soft in not finishing the playoffs because of a serious rib injury. However, that opinion should not be given any weight considering the source.

Allen makes the Cavaliers better, and while many Cavs fans want changes to happen this offseason, trading Allen would be a big mistake.