Cleveland Cavaliers: 4 potential free agent targets with ties to Jarrett Allen

The Cleveland Cavaliers should target these four former teammates of star big man Jarrett Allen.
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Free Agent No. 4 - Taurean Prince

Believe it or not, Jarrett Allen does have past teammates other than Bruce Brown who are currently on teams not based in Los Angeles, California. For the Cavaliers to win the Finals, they likely do not need to scout exclusively from teams who are barely hanging onto a Play-In spot. Still, the final free agent the Cavs should consider is Lakers wing Taurean Prince.

Interestingly enough, Allen and Prince were both dealt to the Cavaliers in the same 2021 trade. in total, they played two full seasons together. Ultimately, their paths were fairly different once they left Brooklyn. Prince struggled to find a role with the rebuilding Cavaliers, leaving for the Minnesota Timberwolves the following summer.

Although Prince's initial experience with Cleveland was far from ideal, a reunion with Allen and the Cavs could be a perfect fit for Prince's next move. With a 39.4 percent shot from three-point range, the veteran forward would slot into the Cavaliers' offense seamlessly, adding size, shooting and defensive versatility to a budding contender.

Although Prince is not the biggest name on this list, he may be the hardest one for the Cavs to sign this summer. The Lakers desperately need wings with a reliable shot from range to complement LeBron James. Prince also gives gritty physicality, further improving his fit with Los Angeles. The Lakers will likely fight to the bitter end to offer Prince the best deal for his next contract, as they will have a much larger and consistent role for him than the Cavaliers would probably offer. While Prince can start for the Lakers, he would be behind both Max Strus and Isaac Okoro in Cleveland.

Regardless, the Cavaliers would be only hurting themselves by not reaching out to Prince for a chance to build upon their already abundant depth with another proven veteran wing.

Jarrett Allen might not be the level of star to command the Cavaliers' offseason choices, but the organization has doubled down on their commitment to Allen amidst a career season for the big man. While the future of him and Mobley as a frontcourt duo can still have its ups and downs, the Cavaliers have no reason not to continue building around the talent they already have with players who would fit culturally and tactically.

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