Cleveland Cavaliers: 4 potential free agent targets with ties to Jarrett Allen

The Cleveland Cavaliers should target these four former teammates of star big man Jarrett Allen.
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Free Agent No. 3 - Jaxson Hayes

Another current Los Angeles Laker, Jaxson Hayes could become a valuable target for the Cavaliers this summer. The connection between Hayes and Allen is not from the NBA, though. Both Allen and Hayes attended University of Texas At Austin before being drafted. Since then, they have had vastly different career trajectories, but Hayes' recent resurgence with the Lakers could pique Cleveland's interest in signing Hayes as a real solution to their backup center dilemma.

The Cavaliers primarily depend on Allen and Evan Mobley to handle the five spot rotation, but injuries and matchups have led the Cavs to need another option fairly often. Hayes is far from an All-Star big man, but the Cincinnati native has given the Lakers critical help off the bench in a limited role. His skillset does not go far beyond highlight dunks, rebounds and servicable defense, but the Cavs would not need much else to find value.

Los Angeles may hope to retain Hayes this offseason, but the Cavaliers should still explore the possibility of adding another Texas alum to the roster with Allen. Despite never playing together, the commonality in their paths to the Association would help bring a bit of instant chemistry to the locker room, especially as they try to survive the harsh winters of northeast Ohio instead of the slight chill Austin, Texas endures.