Cleveland Cavaliers: 4 potential free agent targets with ties to Jarrett Allen

The Cleveland Cavaliers should target these four former teammates of star big man Jarrett Allen.
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Free Agent No. 2 - Spencer Dinwiddie

Through all four years in Brooklyn, Allen learned how to navigate screens and thrive as a post-threat through offensive sets run by veteran guard Spencer Dinwiddie. After joining the Washington Wizards and later the Dallas Mavericks, Dinwiddie rejoined the Nets for roughly one season before entering the buyout pool this season. He eventually landed with the Los Angeles Lakers for the rest of the year and will enter unrestricted free agency this summer.

The Lakers are still searching for a reliable backup point guard after Gabe Vincent's season-long injury woes. Considering Vincent's long-term contract and price tag, Los Angeles may rather trust in Vincent next season rather than pay Dinwiddie more than the veteran minimum they gave him this time. In that case, Dinwiddie could quickly find a spot in Cleveland's rotation in lieu of Ricky Rubio's mid-season retirement.

Since losing Rubio, the Cavs have not found their own constant backcourt reserve, coincidentally also caused by a season-long injury to a newly-signed free agent. Where the Cavaliers are different than the Lakers, though, is that Ty Jerome's contract is substantially lower than Vincent's deal, and Cleveland has a larger role to offer Dinwiddie as a bench playmaker if he joins. While the Cavs have been able to trust in Craig Porter, Jr. this season, they would still welcome a proven veteran leader such as Dinwiddie to the squad.

Dinwiddie has bounced around the NBA and is likely going to be one of the budget free agents this summer given his recent inconsistencies on the court. The Cavaliers have enough depth with Porter and Jerome to overcome any dips from Spencer, and their starring backcourt Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland would carry the vast majority of playmaking duties alongside sixth man Caris LeVert. Dinwiddie's experience and understanding of basketball would give him a steady influence over the team, whether on the court or the sideline.