Cavaliers trade rumors: 5 teams who could trade for Caris LeVert

Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers
Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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No. 4: The Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers have played extremely well after trading James Harden, driven by another MVP-type season from Joel Embiid and the rise of Tyrese Maxey. Behind them, however, the Sixers don't have a second reliable ball-handler to step in when Maxey is off the court.

LeVert looks like an ideal fit, a player with some size who won't compromise their defense while being versatile enough to play alongside or in place of Maxey. If the Sixers are trying to maximize their chances of winning this season, trading for LeVert makes a lot of sense. If they are trying to maximize their flexibility next summer, LeVert is under contract for next season and as such probably wouldn't be a target for Philly.

No. 3: The Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have built on of the league's most versatile frontcourts. Former Cavalier Lauri Markkanen is an All-Star toggling between both forward positions, and he starts alongside high-octane John Collins, the shot-blocking Walker Kessler, the floor-spacing Kelly Olynyk and the rookie 3-and-D power forward Taylor Hendricks.

Their backcourt is another question entirely, and they have a few shot-takers in Jordan Clarkson and Collin Sexton, a few defensive guards in Kris Dunn and Talen Horton-Tucker, and only one true passer and playmaker in the rookie Keyontae George. They could really use another ball-handler and playmaker, and that's where Caris LeVert would come in.

It's very possible that Jazz, off to a slower start than expected, save all of their resources and stay patient. It's also possible that they want to start building a roster that makes sense around Markkanen before he can leave in free agency in the summer of 2025. If it's the latter, LeVert makes a lot of sense to give them another solid playmaker.