Cavaliers Rumors: Could Cleveland add veteran forward before trade deadline?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons
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Can Cleveland actually steal Bogdanovic away?

Is it realistic to view the Cavaliers as a possible landing spot for Bogdanovic? In short, the answer is probably no. While Bogdanovic should entice the Cavs to call the Pistons at least, Detroit's confusing stubbornness to part ways with him suggests Cleveland does not have the assets to change their stance. DKN noted the Cavs' deal would have to start with Isaac Okoro and include either one or both of Niang and Dean Wade to match salary. Bogdanovic is owed $20 million this season, making the initial schematics of a trade complicated in itself.

Beyond that, the Pistons had turned down a trade including two first-round picks for Bogdanovic last season. The Cavaliers only have second-round picks available to trade, and the players necessary to match his salary probably take Cleveland out of the race fairly quickly. Other contenders such as the Philadelphia 76ers have a small stash of first-round picks and expiring contracts to offer the Pistons.

Cleveland's best path to acquiring Bogdanovic is malmanagement from the Pistons' side. They reportedly want to keep Bogdanovic to help them win this season unless they get an offer they cannot refuse. If the Pistons do not value draft compensation highly, perhaps Cleveland's young players are worth Detroit's interest.

Even then, the Cavaliers would have to trust Bogdanovic can contribute $20 million worth of production in the postseason and beyond. Wade and Okoro are two of their best defenders, especially on the perimeter. Losing both of them for somebody beyond their prime could spell disaster for the Cavs going forward if they cannot make a big push in the playoffs.

If Bogdanovic was not on such an inflated contract, then he would be a no-brainer for Cleveland. Instead, the Cavs are better served looking in the buyout market for their wing rotation if they cannot agree to a reasonable trade before the buzzer.

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