Cavaliers rumors: 3 trade targets they can land, and 3 that are purely pipe dreams

Royce O'Neale and Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets
Royce O'Neale and Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Cavaliers could land Davion Mitchell

The Cleveland Cavaliers have one of the league's best guard defenders in Isaac Okoro, but he brings little utility on offense outside of the occasional cut or wide-open 3-pointer. Davion Mitchell of the Sacramento Kings brings a similar level of defensive impact in the same role, but at the same time, he can handle the ball as part of a team's solution at point guard. Given the Cavs' injury woes at that position, they may like the greater depth adding Mitchell would provide.

The Sacramento Kings have clearly soured on Mitchell, needing more scoring ability at the point and more size defensively on the wing. They would like Mitchell to be a sweetener in a trade for a combo forward, but if no such trade materializes he could certainly be available for a second-round pick.

Then the Cavs could also draft Dillon Mitchell out of Texas in June and corner the market on the D Mitchells in the league.

Cavaliers could land Alec Burks

One player who has been linked to the Cavaliers over the past couple of years has been Alec Burks. The onetime Cavs guard has been putting up points on an otherwise moribund Detroit Pistons team; last season he had a positive net rating despite playing on the team with the league's worst record. This year the malaise of Detroit's season is bringing everyone down, but Burks still looks like an attractive trade candidate for teams more focused on winning.

Burks is certainly gettable for the Cavs if they want to chase him; two seconds could do the trick, and matching his $10.5 million contract is doable. At the same time, it's unclear how much value he brings added into a backcourt that already has Darius Garland (soon), Donovan Mitchell and Caris LeVert. The fit isn't very sensical, but if Cleveland does decide to pursue another ball-handler Burks is not punitively expensive as an option.