Buy, Sell, Hold: Evaluating the stock of key Cavs in 2024

Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers - Paris Game 2024
Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers - Paris Game 2024 / Anadolu/GettyImages
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2. Sell: Emoni Bates

The stock of Emoni Bates was a likely lock to be sold for the rest of 2024, and it is to no fault of his own. The organization wants to bring him along slowly so his development isn’t stunted. Any hope of Bates receiving some looks has been dashed during this injury-riddle Cavs stretch. Despite the rash of injuries, Bates has not received minutes from Bickerstaff and has remained in the G-League mostly outside of a couple of games. 

Fortunately for Bates, he has been playing very well for the Cleveland Charge this season in the G-League. He is averaging about 26 points per game and shooting a blistering 50 percent from three-point range. While it is a small sample size, it is good to see Bates getting comfortable in the G-League. This should bode well for his development as if he wants to get a rotation spot next season, he needs to shoot it consistently and add muscle to his wiry frame.

When the Cavs drafted Bates, they knew he was a project. They knew he would need time to develop, so selling his stock for 2024 is not a bad thing at all for a playoff team. Hopefully Bates continues to learn and develop, and gear up for next season.