The 7 Greatest Cavaliers in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

The players in Cavaliers history with the highest Player Efficiency Rating in franchise history
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5. Mark Price - 20.4

With one of his best early running mates on the list, it is no surprise to see longtime Cavaliers legend Mark Price making his appearance. Price earned four All-NBA appearances as the best Cleveland player in the nineties. He led the Cavs to seven consecutive playoff berths, including a run to the Eastern Conference Finals in 1992.

In nine seasons with Cleveland, Price averaged 16.5 points and 7.2 assists with a 40.2 percent three-point shot on 3.2 attempts per game. While his volume of shooting would be considered low today, Price was a truly elite shooter for his time. In retrospect, Price's skillset may have been ahead of his time, though he was still dominant back then, too.

Price's 20.4 PER is no shock, given his immediate value in the Association. The Cavs' place in the nineties would look entirely different and much worse without Price leading the charge. The four-time All-Star is one of many Cavaliers to have their jersey hanging from the rafters, becoming the final player in franchise history to wear the number 25 alongside Nance's 22.

Throughout Cavaliers history, Mark Price stands out as the undisputed best player before LeBron James' 2003 draft. The only surprise in Price's spot on this list is that it is not higher. In truth, Price's number five ranking only speaks volumes to the next four players who have ushered in the modern era of Cavaliers brilliance.