5 Cleveland Cavaliers who definitely won't be back next season

From coaches to players, the Cleveland Cavaliers have no choice to make major changes this offseason after losing in five games to the Boston Celtics in Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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3. Caris LeVert has played his last game with the Cavaliers

Columbus native Caris LeVert built a reputation as a talented but streaky swingman since joining the Cavaliers from the Indiana Pacers after overcoming a harrowing cancer diagnosis a year earlier. Though LeVert has given the Cavs valuable production in his time, his inconsistent impact and $16.6 million expiring contract is too valuable not to add him to a trade to buy into the core and upgrade the roster.

Throughout the season, Cleveland's worst flaw was their unreliable rebounding effort and offensive flow. While LeVert's dazzling moments have led to unforgettable wins, his ball-dominant attitude and willingness to dribble out the shot clock before taking a heavily-contested mid-range jumpshot with numerous open teammates around him causes too much uncertainty and problems for the Cavaliers to stay invested in the veteran guard. Though he embraced his sixth-man role this season, LeVert's efficiency and output dipped this year, leaving questions surrounding even his fit in the long-term plans for the Cavaliers.

LeVert would not be easy to trade on his own, considering his volatility, but his defensive talent and potential upside should serve as an attractive sweetener in any trades with Jarrett Allen or other Cavaliers on the move. LeVert's $16.6 million and Allen's $20 million would be enough to match most max salaries across the Association, making the path to improvement for Cleveland too clear to ignore.