5 Cavaliers at risk of being traded this summer

There are several Cavs players that could be dealt away in the offseason.
Jarrett Allen, Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers
Jarrett Allen, Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Cavaliers are finally Eastern Conference contenders once again. It has been a steady process, but trading for Donovan Mitchell late in the 2022 offseason was the move that took them from an up-and-coming team to a surefire playoff squad.

Now, the Cavs are out to spoil the party for rivals like the Bucks and Celtics. They are currently neck-and-neck with Milwaukee for possession of the second seed, with hopes that they can grab home court advantage against everyone not named Boston in the East playoffs this year.

This season feels like a massive opportunity for Cleveland. While it is a long shot for them to go through the overpowered Celtics and make the Finals, they can still win a playoff series or two and cement themselves as a team that is here to stay in the East. But if they do not, we know that it would likely only increase the chances of Donovan Mitchell being traded this coming summer.

If Mitchell is gone, there are several other Cavs players that could be on the trade block as Cleveland looks to stay in contention. These are the five players most at risk of being traded away this offseason.

Donovan Mitchell

As it currently stands, Mitchell is under contract with the Cavaliers for next season, with a player option for the following season in 2025-26. With him being eligible for a max extension this coming summer, the Cavs will of course be extending that offer to try to keep Donovan in town long-term.

If he chooses to decline the extension that would pay him north of $50 million per year, it will give the Cavaliers the green light to go ahead and explore options for trading him. We know that being in Cleveland was not Mitchell's first choice when he was traded from Utah, so him potentially desiring to land elsewhere is less than surprising.

Donovan is easily the most likely to be traded player on the roster this summer. He has immense trade value as one of the top perimeter players in the association, so seeking a big return for him will be the move if he does not intend to stick around.