5 best players in Cleveland Cavaliers history who never made the All-Star Game

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All-Star Snub No. 2 - Bingo Smith

The late Bingo Smith is best known for his part in the beloved "Miracle at Richfield" in which the Cavaliers staged a historic upset over the Washington Bullets in the second round of the 1976 playoffs. Though the team would go on to lose to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, every player associated with the Richfield upset became an immortal figure in Cavaliers history, and Smith is no exception.

Smith played alongside three multi-time All-Stars that season with Austin Carr, Campy Russell and Nate Thurmond leading the way. Smith spent nine full years with the Cavaliers before being traded in his final year to the city in which he began, San Diego.

In his career, Smith averaged 12.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and two assists, including a year with 15.9 points, 2.8 assists, five rebounds and one steal per night over 82 games. Still, Smith was passed on for an All-Star nod.

For the first few years of Smith's career, each NBA franchise was guaranteed at least one All-Star until 1973. With most roster spots taken and better players on the Cavs, Smith was a reasonable choice to overlook until the stipulation was removed. After that, Smith's efforts were still ignored. His negation from the All-Star game is not as outrageous as other historic Cavaliers, but he had a career worth an appearance or two.

His long history of success in Cleveland earned him his number seven to be retired by the organization. While Bingo Smith was never an All-Star by NBA standards, he is no doubt an unforgettable part of the Cavaliers.