4 upcoming free agents who should be on Cavaliers' summer wish list

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Cleveland could steal Daniel Theis away from Los Angeles

The Cavaliers are not going to be on the search for a backup center who can play heavy minutes when the team is healthy. While Tristan Thompson helped during the Cavs' injury woes, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen will typically be the only two guys at the five spot. If Cleveland wants a better third option at center, Daniel Theis of the Los Angeles Clippers should get their attention.

Theis has played a limited role for the Indiana Pacers and Clippers this season, averaging just over 16 minutes per game. In that time, he has contributed 6.3 points and 3.6 rebounds with efficient shot selection. Theis scores well in the post and outside, and he is anything but a slouch on the glass. Signing Theis would not be a homerun or a franchise-altering move, but he would certainly give the Cavs another reliable contributor when Mobley and Allen need to rest. Theis could also play alongside Mobley at times if Cleveland wants to keep him at the power forward position for a better matchup.

LAC is another team in luxury tax hell moving forward with the second-most expensive roster in the Association. While they will have Bird Rights to retain Theis, they might prefer other choices who would only cost a minimum contract. In this scenario, the Cavaliers could easily offer the small ball big a team-friendly but worthwhile contract.