4 underrated trade prospects Cleveland Cavaliers should target this offseason

Alongside star trade rumors, the Cavaliers should explore deals to build their depth in two key areas.
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Trading for another star is a real possibility for the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer, but it is not an absolute necessity.

With Donovan Mitchell likely to sign a max extension with the Cavs this summer, Cleveland will also navigate the financial future of the team with Evan Mobley's likely max extension also approaching this offseason. With a rising payroll and a restrictive new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the Cavaliers may shift their focus to complementary players to elevate their star duo if they decide to move on from pieces in their current core four.

The Cavaliers are searching for the perfect second star to pair with Mitchell this summer, but that answer may already be on the team. During the second round of the NBA playoffs, Mobley averaged 21.4 points per game, the 10th most across the league. Mobley has been jammed into a poor fitting role and forced to play as the third or fourth option, stunting his development. If the Cavs restructure their roster this summer, they should prioritize those - both stars and role players - who complement their two-man core.

Who should the Cavaliers target in trades?

The Cavaliers have been linked to numerous All-Star talents, including New Orleans Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram. With so much smoke around the Pelicans' interest in both Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen over the past few years, it seems there may be fire beneath the smoke at this point. Whether or not Ingram joins the Cavs on the final year of his current deal, Cleveland's job is not done. They must find reliable players who can complement their star core and fill their depth chart properly.

Two positions in Cleveland's rotations were shallow last season, making them the main priority this summer. While the Cavs' wing rotation is incomplete, the frontcourt was underwhelming at best. Tristan Thompson's return to the Cavaliers was a happy surprise with his impact, but Cleveland cannot rely on another year from Thompson at that level. Additionally, with Dean Wade's injuries and Georges Niang's limitations, the Cavs eventually turned to their late-season addition Marcus Morris, Sr. to fill in when Mobley rested during the playoffs.

The next step for the Cavaliers' growth must be addressing both positions, especially if Allen is traded this offseason. The best answer for these roles is not an All-Star. In no particular order, Cleveland should target these four overlooked trade targets in negotiations this summer.