4 realistic trade proposals to add size and depth to Cleveland Cavaliers

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How the Cavaliers can make it work with the Charlotte Hornets

Toward the end of the offseason, the Cavaliers tried to form a relationship with the Charlotte Hornets, but both teams mutually ended discussions before ever reaching advanced negotiations.

In this proposal, the Cavs revisit the talks and land a young forward who could grow into Mobley's frontcourt partner over time.

Cavs/Hornets trade - Washington

The Cavs have a reported interest in P.J. Washington, but it never went far. To acquire Washington this summer, Cleveland would have to pull off a second sign-and-trade after already doing so for Max Strus. Additionally, Washington was hoping to secure upwards of $20 million per year on a new deal, a number the Cavaliers could not match at the time.

Once Washington is available for trade, though, these discussions could be brought back to life. Washington's role with Charlotte is in flux, as he is a winning player on a losing team. Last season, Washington's overall game jumped in the wake of LaMelo Ball's unfortunate injury that sidelined him all year. In that season, Washington averaged a career-high 15.7 points and 1.1 blocks per game on 44/35/73 shooting splits.

The growing forward would be a massive upgrade as a backup frontcourt player, and he could potentially earn his way into the starting lineup if the Cavaliers move Jarrett Allen. Washington can consistently space the floor, a skill that Mobley has shown himself to be more than capable of valuing as the sole big man on the court.

The Hornets may hope for a first-rounder in return, but this summer's underwhelming interest in Washington could leave him to be a cheaper trade prospect than many would assume. His fit in Cleveland is clear, and his athletic build and two-way abilities could make the Cavaliers' bench skyrocket in productivity.

Frank Ntilikina would probably never play any meaningful minutes and may eventually be waived, but he is included in order to keep the Hornets under the 15-player limit.

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As it sits, the Cleveland Cavaliers will not make a trade tomorrow or the day after. Nearly every player named is not eligible for trade until later this month or even next. For now, the Cavs are going to look to rise up the rankings with the composition available.