4 realistic trade proposals to add size and depth to Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers add a dominant big man off the bench from the Washington Wizards

Until the Washington Wizards finally traded Bradley Beal to a new environment, making a deal with the nation's capital's representative team was a confusing feat. It was never certain if they would make a deal to build toward the future or partially buy in for an instant-win type of player.

Now, though, the Wizards are undeniably looking to build from the ground up, leaving their entire roster potentially up for grabs. Former second-round pick Daniel Gafford is the ideal backup center on this Cavs roster.

Cavs/Wizards trade - Gafford

Once again banking on Okoro's potential and youth, the Cavaliers deal him with Rubio's expiring contract and two second-rounders to acquire the proven big. For the Wizards, they have a chance to develop Okoro's offensive game, something he has not had the opportunity to do properly in Cleveland.

As for the Cavaliers, they find an instant impactful player in Gafford, who has averaged 9.8 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game as the starting center for Washington. Although he is in the starting five for the Wizards, he only plays 25.1 minutes per game. If the Cavaliers give him a similar time on the court off the bench, Gafford's stats would not be severely limited.

Gafford undeniably answers Bickerstaff's questions for more size, standing at 6-foot 10-inches and weighing 234 pounds. Gafford is about as good of an interior defender as any team could hope to have in a second unit. On a team with a track record of amplifying tall centers, Gafford would thrive after this trade.

Finally, the Cavaliers look to another Eastern rival for the one that got away this summer.