4 realistic trade proposals to add size and depth to Cleveland Cavaliers

Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls
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The Cavaliers and Kings are a match made in Fanspo Heaven

Since adding Jarrett Allen to the team, the Cavs have been a defense-first squad. Conversely, the Sacramento Kings are a heavily offensively driven team while their defense lags behind. Seemingly, a trade between these two franchises could be perfect this season.

For this trade, the Cavaliers' best trade piece is Isaac Okoro. He fits the Kings' timeline, and his playstyle as a point-of-attack defender and improved offensive presence is an ideal fit for Sacramento.

Cavs/Kings trade - Trey Lyles

Keeping it simple, Trey Lyles' $8 million salary is a nearly identical match to Okoro's contract. Where Okoro improves the Kings' lackluster defense and adds more youth to the team, Trey Lyles gives the Cavaliers a two-way forward with size and shooting prowess.

Over his career, the 28-year-old veteran has connected on 34.1 percent of his 3-point attempts. He is off to a slower start this year, only shooting 26.9 percent from that range, but the Cavs could convince themselves that his 36.3 percent from last year is more indicative of the value he could bring to Cleveland over time.

Additionally, Lyles has collected 5.2 rebounds per night so far and can function as either a power forward or small ball center at 6-foot 9-inches. He is the same height as Thompson, though both players use their size in different ways. For the Kings, Lyles is splitting his time between the two positions 74 percent at the four versus 26 percent at the five. His versatility and proven talent would be quickly appreciated on the Cavs bench.

Following Lyles, the Cavs should shift their focus to a franchise finally entering a long-awaited rebuild.