4 Final Four prospects Cleveland Cavaliers should consider in the NBA Draft

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4. Aaron Estrada, Alabama

Sticking with the Tide, Aaron Estrada has been essential to their success this season. Estrada has an efficient offensive game, especially in the mid range. He is very good at getting to his spot and rising up over his defender to get the shot off. His tough shotmaking is uncanny. Estrada is also an okay three-pointer shooter, as he needs to develop consistency from deep but currently shoots them around 33 percent. 

Estrada also has a fluid handle that allows him to get to the rim. Offense is not hard to come by for the fifth-year guard. However, where Estrada hangs his hat is the defensive side of the ball. With his lanky frame, he is good at staying in front of guards and generating steals to give his squad extra possessions running downhill. Estrada is averaging roughly two steals per game this season, including a four steal game against Grand Canyon in the second round.

One thing Estrada needs to improve on is his strength. He will get pushed around by bigger, stronger guards at the next level. His length might make up for that, but putting on about ten pounds of muscle will be ideal for the college journeyman. 

The Cavs are in need of more playmakers and shot creators, specifically off the bench. Estrada offers tough shotmaking ability that can make him a good role player for the Wine and Gold.

There are star players that did not make the cut for this list like Donovan Clingan, DJ Burns, and Zach Edey. However, the prospects on this list are the ones that fit the Cleveland Cavaliers best and the ones they should take the deepest look at.

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