4 Final Four prospects Cleveland Cavaliers should consider in the NBA Draft

San Diego State v Connecticut
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3. Grant Nelson, Alabama

Following two UConn prospects, Alabama breaks the mold and proves other schools are producing NBA players. Big man Grant Nelson of the Crimson Tide offers some intrigue. Nelson has had an up-and-down tournament, but he was very impressive in the Sweet 16 against North Carolina and has flashed his skillset all season.

Nelson is a sound defender and rim protector. He has been instrumental in the Tide turning their defense around during March Madness, as he is averaging around two blocks per game in their four games. Nelson is also a strong rebounder, adding to his NBA-readiness.

Like Karaban, Nelson's weakness defensively is his perimeter protection, as he is pretty stiff and slow to react to certain actions. That is something he has to fix at the next level. Again, the Cavs have the talent around him to make up for this fallback, but they will need to assess if they can improve his perimeter impact.

Offensively, Nelson is a very smart player with the ability to finish at the rim. While he needs to develop more touch on his finishes, he gets the job done in that department. He has a great handle that allows him to get by defenders and drive to the rim, while also having pretty impressive straight line speed. 

Nelson adds to his skillset as a big man with talented playmaking and passing. In the modern NBA, centers and bigs who can create for others is incredibly valuable. If his passing translates to the league, Nelson will have major impact on his next destination. He is great at setting up others, specifically when he gets the ball in the high post. He is a high IQ player, who almost always makes the right decision.

The Cavs could be in need of a backup big next season. With Tristan Thompson not getting any younger, Cleveland could use a younger presence in their frontcourt to back up Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley. Nelson fits that bill.