4 Final Four prospects Cleveland Cavaliers should consider in the NBA Draft

San Diego State v Connecticut
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With brackets being busted on the first day, Cinderella teams making improbable runs and Kentucky suffering another early tournament exit, the 2024 edition of March Madness has not disappointed. With Alabama, NC State, Purdue, and UConn set to play in the Final Four this weekend, the college basketball season is headed for an epic conclusion. With that conclusion though, comes the next step for most college players: the NBA Draft.

Unlike last season, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have their first-round draft pick under their control. However, as Cleveland showed last year, the team is not afraid to dip into the second round or undrafted realm to acquire players (see Craig Porter Jr.). While the Cavs have their core intact for the most part, they should still be looking to add talent in order to keep the team’s long-term future intact.

There are some intriguing prospects in this year’s Final Four that could help the team round out the edges of their roster. Here are four Final Four prospects that would make sense for the Cavs. 

1. Stephon Castle, UConn

Stephon Castle is likely to go in the lottery, but he would be a perfect fit for the Cavs if he falls on draft night. Castle is a rugged defender who has often taken on the toughest assignments for UConn this season. The fact that he is doing this as a freshman is even more impressive. Given the defensive mentality that Cavs head coach J.B. Bickerstaff has implemented, Castle would fit in with that.

In addition to his great defense, Castle offers a sound offensive game. He has a quick first step and is great at getting to the rim. He does not shy away from contact and uses his physicality to his advantage. In addition to that, his mid range game is very sound, as he is very good at getting to his spot when he needs to. He is a smart player for someone who is not even 20 years old yet. 

Speaking of smarts, Castle has shown flashes of playmaking this season alongside his scoring and defense. While he is not the lead guard for UConn, when he has his opportunities to create for others, he makes it count with the right move. This bodes well for the NBA, given how important diverse skill sets are at the wing spot.

The one drawback to Castle’s game though is his three-point shot. He is only shooting 26 percent from three-point range this season, including only one made three-pointer in four games in March Madness. His other skills make up for that, but he needs to develop a consistent outside shot at the next level. Fortunately, that is fixable.

Given the fact that Isaac Okoro is a free agent this offseason and the future of Donovan Mitchell in limbo, Castle would make a lot of sense for the Cavs. They would likely have to trade up to get him, but he would be worth it for their future.