The 4 best moments from the Cleveland Cavaliers' first trip to Paris

Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers
Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers / Dean Mouhtaropoulos/GettyImages
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After the franchise's first European trip, the Cleveland Cavaliers return to the States with their fourth consecutive win and a handful of unforgettable memories.

The Cavs and Nets marked the third NBA regular season game played in Paris, but the league's first French event was the 1997 McDonald's Championship with Michael Jordan dominating the playing field. Over the decades, the NBA has seen plenty of NBA champions and great players from France, including star rookie Victor Wembenyama.

In a 111-102 win over the Brooklyn Nets, the Cavaliers showcased their newfound chemistry and brilliance to a packed Paris arena. By the end of the afternoon game, "MVP" chants could be heard echoing off the hardwood as fans cheered for Cleveland All-Star Donovan Mitchell. The Cavs return to Ohio with a 22-15 record and both a top-five offensive and defensive rating over their last five games.

Following Darius Garland and Evan Mobley suddenly leaving the team with injuries, the Cavaliers' season looked close to collapse. Instead, the entire squad and head coach J.B. Bickerstaff rallied and found a new blend of basketball that has vaulted the Cavs from a fringe Play-In spot to a fighting chance for homecourt advantage in the postseason.

The game alone was far from the only memory of the trip. With a few days between both teams' flights and the actual game, the players and personnel travelled around Paris and interacted with the local fanbase. While the Paris game is just as real as any other regular season game in the standings, the NBA has made it a point of emphasis to make the trip a nearly-week-long event for the locals.

Paris Memory No. 1 - Unveiling the team jackets

If there is one extracurricular aspect for which the NBA rarely disappoints, it is the merchandising and fashion of the league. While the yearly city edition jerseys may fall flat, NBA fans never go without stunning styles in the pre-game tunnel and team shop.

The Cavaliers welcomed their followers to a team shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower with every player wearing a new customized leather jacket to celebrate the trip. Throughout the years, the Cavs have often partnered with local artists to create eye-catching team designs, and the Paris expedition was no different. With the help of Cleveland-native visual artist Daniel Arsham, the Cavaliers donned these jackets throughout their trip with a unique insignia on the back to commemorate their week.

While the jacket itself is not a reason to write home, it was the first introduction to the Cavs' first international trip. Cleveland's social team no doubt did a tremendous job hyping up the game and uplifted the spirits of fans who have not seen Garland or Mobley with the team in what feels like an eternity at times. If nothing else, the Cavaliers built an even greater team chemistry over this week, and the jackets will serve as a constant reminder of those moments for the players and fans.