3 ways Max Strus has been a difference-maker for Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cavaliers are loving Strus' floor spacing, even if it doesn't go down

As aforementioned, Max Strus opened his Cavaliers career with a record-setting seven 3-pointers, but he has not been outstanding from deep every game.

Over the season, Strus has connected on 38.7 percent of his 7.6 3-point attempts per game. His accurate volume shooting is immeasurably valuable, even though he can be streaky. Following his debut, Strus shot 2-of-11 from deep and ended the night with only 8 points. Even though he can have off nights, his presence on the perimeter is forcing opponents to respect him every game.

Long range shooting is not a perfect science, and any variation in form can lead to a string of missed opportunities. What Strus does not lack, though, is the confidence to keep trying. If he stops taking open shots at any point, defenders will pack the paint that game and suffocate the frontcourt.

Instead, Strus knows he will find his rhythm in time. Even if it disappears for two or three games, the fourth game will be fine. That sort of confidence is not an instant trait a player can have. It comes from experience, failures, and a willingness to grow. The Cavs can lack confidence some nights, but Strus has willed them back into the fight with his grit.

In Cleveland's win against the Toronto Raptors, Strus finished the first half with 0 points. In the third quarter, Strus knocked down four shots from downtown and scored 20 total points in a single period. If the entire Cavaliers squad can emulate his unwavering confidence, there will never be a moment that the game is too far gone for a comeback.