3 ways Marcus Morris immediately makes the Cleveland Cavaliers better

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The Cavaliers can never have too much shooting depth

If there is one constant the Cavaliers have enjoyed this season, it is their depth that allows them to survive all the other uncertainties injuries have caused.

Marcus Morris will not receive minutes every night, and he may have stretches of games that he does not play at all. Still, the Cavaliers will be adding another forward who can be ready to contribute any night that his name is called. The Cavs will hopefully be fully healthy by the time the playoffs come around, but if any other forward even just needs extra rest in the middle of a game, Morris is a security measure who can provide Cleveland with an extra boost down the stretch.

The Cavaliers have turned numerous end-of-bench role players into momentary stars in the spotlight this season. Both Sam Merrill and Craig Porter, Jr. have entirely redefined their NBA reputations this year. Merrill has especially done so from beyond the arc. The Utah native had always been known as a shooter, but the elite level of movement shooting and consistency has been unparalleled. Morris will not run around the court endlessly searching for a shot like Merrill, but he has connected on 43.1 percent of his catch-and-shoot threes this season. When Morris gets himself set, he is ready to launch from anywhere on the court and punish bad defensive rotations. The Cavs need another guy who can do that.

Overall, Morris will likely play a similar role as Niang. He is a knock down shooter with playoff experience and a physical playstyle. Both guys are never afraid to bark in a rival's face and risk getting T'd up. While technical fouls can hurt a team's chances at times, that fearless energy and relentless pursuit to do what it takes to win will be incredibly beneficial for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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