3 ways the Cleveland Cavaliers can bring LeBron James home this offseason

LeBron James is rumored to decline his player option and become a free agent. Could he actually come back to Cleveland again?
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1. LeBron enters free agency, signs with Cavaliers

This option can be put at almost a zero percent chance of happening. The Cavaliers won't have any cap space this summer for a max salary slot but did avoid the luxury tax, allowing them the ability to pay LeBron a $12.9 contract through the Mid-Level Exception.

However, LeBron's player option sits at a hefty $51 million. LeBron has been willing to take less money in the past for the convenience and control of shorter contracts, but thinking LeBron would sacrifice almost $40 million to play with the Cavs is extremely unrealistic. Unless the Cavaliers draft Bronny and LeBron is absolutely desperate to play with him, this option isn't one to be hopeful for.

While numerous teams might wrongfully believe James is interested in taking a seismic-level pay cut this summer, he can easily accept his option this summer and sign elsewhere with Bronny the following offseason. Earlier this year, James reportedly was seeking a multi-year maximum contract this summer. Denying that for no reason other than to play with his son immediately is a near impossibility.