3 things Kenny Atkinson will bring to the Cleveland Cavaliers

These are the 3 main things the veteran coach brings to the Land.
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Atkinson is known for challenging his players to be the best version of themselves that they can be. He is known for being direct and is not afraid to call it how he sees it. This is exactly what the Cavs need and apparently wanted.

The problem players had with Bickerstaff was that he was treating them like a young team that had a lot to learn and not a team that can go far in the playoffs. He often coddled them. The players lost their respect for him as a result. 

Bickerstaff was reportedly bad at running and planning practices, something that drew the ire of many players. Practices were very low in intensity.

"The Cavs locker room grew frustrated with Bickerstaff for treating the Cavs as a young team with much to learn, instead of as a team ready to contend. They were also less than enthused by the Cavs’ offense last spring and into the first part of this season. Mitchell was among them. Players would leave practices and morning shootarounds wondering aloud: 'Why did we even do that? What did we accomplish' — so perplexed by the lack of structure and intensity in the workouts."

The Athletic

Given Atkinson’s penchant for being direct and commanding the best out of his players, fans can expect the level of intensity to increase.

In order to get to the next level, the team needs someone that can challenge them to be better. Atkinson will command respect from the locker room from day one. The players believe that they can get to the next level as a team, something President of Basketball Operations Koby Altman stressed in his end of season presser. Having a leader like Atkinson will help them get there.

Kenny Atkinson may not be the splashiest hire, but he is the most necessary one for this team. He brings a wealth of experience, offensive acumen, leadership, and player development that the Cleveland Cavaliers need at the head man spot. Now, their attention turns to the rest of their offseason with Donovan Mitchell’s future being at the forefront.

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