3 sleeper trade targets for the Cleveland Cavaliers to pursue this summer

The Cleveland Cavaliers should explore the trade market for three underappreciated talents across the NBA.
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The Cleveland Cavaliers made major strides in building out depth last offseason, and they will likely continue this trend next summer.

Despite contending for a top spot in the Eastern Conference, the Cavaliers still have glaring weaknesses, and unless the team parts with one of their core four players, they will look for sleeper talents across the league to bolster their squad around the edges. Winning players are not always the star-studded leaders. The Cavs find maximum value out of hard-nosed players with hustle. If they want to build a true contender, Cleveland needs to add people who will upgrade their grit and physicality for next season.

The offseason is still a while away, and the Cavaliers will have a much better sense of their needs and deficiencies after another run in the playoffs. Cleveland has already recognized the value of depth, showcased by their moves last offseason and their historic quarter-season run without Darius Garland or Evan Mobley. There is no reason to assume the Cavs will sit back and do nothing this summer.

The Cavaliers need to repeat their winning formula from last summer

Similar to their approach last offseason, the Cavaliers should be fearless in their approach to add additional glue guys to the team early in the summer. They will likely have access to the Mid-Level Exception again, but whether or not they will have the full mid-level or taxpayer mid-level is still to be determined. Their limited yet valuable cap flexibility opens the Cavaliers up to being active on the offseason trade market, cashing in on their current assets and team-friendly contracts to bolster their bench.

Once the summer trade season begins, the Cavaliers should target frontcourt and wing depth once again. Though they lost Ricky Rubio this season, the backcourt rotation has never been an issue with Craig Porter, Jr.'s unexpected rise and Ty Jerome's likely return next season.

These three players stand out as ideal candidates to be sleeper trade options who would yield major returns for the Cavs.