3 increasingly bold Darius Garland trade proposals Cavaliers have to consider this summer

Cleveland Cavaliers v Minnesota Timberwolves
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Trade Proposal No. 2 - Cavaliers and Lakers strike a deal

Every Cavaliers fan knows the magic that happens when LeBron James has a dynamic point guard at his side. The Los Angeles Lakers have been searching for that point guard ever since he arrived, even chasing a reunion with Kyrie Irving numerous times. If the Lakers do not snag Trae Young this summer as they hope, Darius Garland could be the perfect fit for both James and Anthony Davis.


If the Cavaliers trade Darius Garland, they will undoubtedly want to ensure they avoid another undersized backcourt with little defense. Austin Reaves, while once again not a star player, solves a lot of Cleveland's issues in the backcourt. Reaves can heat up quick and take over a game on a moment's notice, and he is no slouch on defense. The Cavaliers also get a proven playoff performer in Rui Hachimura, giving them even greater forward depth with another reliable 3/4 option.

Jalen Hood-Schifino serves as a pseudo-draft pick in this deal, as the Cavs could value his size and versatility as a guard prospect for the future. The 2029 draft pick is one of the most coveted picks in recent history, giving the Cavaliers a fairly hefty haul for Garland. Reaves and Hachimura are two players who would complement Cleveland, and the two future assets give them flexibility for future growth.

Although this trade again does not give Cleveland a definitive second option, it might be the best trade for Darius Garland's future while giving the Cavaliers a path to get even better in the future. Garland would instantly thrive with James and Davis as partners, and the Cavs bring in playoff risers.

The boldness only grows from here, as the Cavaliers might look to land a true star in a Darius Garland swap in this final deal.