3 intriguing head coach candidates to consider if JB Bickerstaff gets fired

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach J.B. Bickerstaff is on the hot seat, and these three coaches would be interesting replacements.
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No. 3 Cavs Coaching Candidate: JJ Redick

The third candidate that the Cavs could consider is JJ Redick. He is the hottest name out there in the sports media world these days as he’s working for ESPN and will be part of the upcoming NBA Finals TV crew.

Redick was a former college basketball star at Duke and a good NBA player but has no coaching experience. Despite this, he has shared with the public that several teams like the Boston Celtics have offered him assistant coaching roles in the past.

While a jump to head coach could be looked at as extreme, maybe it’s exactly what we need in Cleveland these days to help its team get a boost and compete for championships in the future. 

Redick is a very opinionated individual who has grabbed headlines, especially with the love he’s recently received from ESPN, and sometimes making controversial moves might be a tactic to try from time to time. The Cavs are at a stage in their development where they have a young core of stars that can win now. However, that window could already be closing, especially if they stick with Bickerstaff.

Going with Redick would be a risk because of the lack of coaching experience, but he was a well-respected player in his time. With his proven knowledge of basketball as a guard and leader in the modern NBA, the Cavs players would do well with a younger coach like Redick.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will likely hold onto Bickerstaff if their postseason run is a greater success than their failure last year, but his tenure could be coming to an end sooner rather than later. In that case, placing one of these three coaches could elevate Cleveland to the next level.

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