3 intriguing head coach candidates to consider if JB Bickerstaff gets fired

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach J.B. Bickerstaff is on the hot seat, and these three coaches would be interesting replacements.
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No. 2 Cavs Coaching Candidate: Stephen Silas

Silas is currently an assistant coach with the Detroit Pistons. He was the head coach before that with the Houston Rockets. While his years as a head coach have not registered many wins he still has many NBA elites, like San Antonio Spurs coach, Greg Popovich praising his coaching skill sets

Silas is the son of Cavs former coach Paul Silas who helped get Lebron James' career off the ground when he started with the Cavs in 2003. The younger Silas was also an assistant coach back then with the team, so he knows Cleveland.

When Silas was coaching the Rockets, his teams were very young and inexperienced. If he came here to Cleveland he’d be taking over a much more experienced and veteran group of players. While his lack of success with the Rockets might worry some fans, his strengths as a coach in building trusting and productive relationships with the players would be ideal with the Cavs players. 

While Cleveland players like Bickerstaff in a general sense, maybe a new voice in the locker room would be best for the organization if they want to go further and have a chance at a championship. Being stuck in Detroit with the Pistons isn't going to be good for Silas' coaching career long term. He was with the Cavs before, and the family name means something here in Cleveland. If the Cavs move on from Bickerstaff, it would be smart to consider Silas as their next head coach.