3 gifts the Cleveland Cavaliers have given to fans in 2023

Cleveland Cavaliers players are shown in-game.
Cleveland Cavaliers players are shown in-game. / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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No. 2: Quality Product: Elite Defense and scorer

The toughest thing to do in the NBA is have consistent success (just ask how its going for the Golden State Warriors). The league and the players are super skilled, super talented and super competitive, every single night. Therefore, putting out a quality product each and every night is just as difficult.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have put a qualify product out to their fans. The 2022-23 Cavaliers had the best defensive rating and had the second-best net rating in the league. Essentially, the junkyard dogs are back and they are making their prescence known on defense. 

Now, this team has not been the same defensively without Evan Mobley, who is currently sidelined, but it's clear that this team's identity has been about the defensive end.

The Cavaliers are also full of talent led by their leading scorer and perennial All-Star Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell’s scoring not only leads the team but usually he is up there in the top 10 scoring leaders more often than not. Spida represented the Cavs this past February at the 2023 All-Star game as an Eastern Conference All-Star Fan Vote Selection Starter.

The 3 other "Core 4" players on the Cavaliers are all 25 years old and under, which means they have their best basketball still ahead of them. Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen have made All-Star appearances and Evan Mobley is probably the most talented of all 4 of them. The best is yet to come.