3 free agents on playoff teams the Cleveland Cavaliers steal this summer

Could the Cleveland Cavaliers add more playoff veterans this offseason?
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Free Agent No. 1 - Naji Marshall, New Orleans Pelicans

After four seasons making less than $2 million per year, New Orleans Pelicans forward is due for a payday this summer, and the Cleveland Cavaliers should fight to be the winning bidder to be his next team.

Marshall does not have the playoff resume that other free agents can show, but his first four years in the NBA have showcased his consistent ability to knock down threes and put his defensive assignment to the test on the other end. The 6-foot 7-inches forward connected on 38.7 percent of his three-pointers per game and brought his shooting to the playoffs, hitting 40 percent in the postseason.

While the Pelicans were swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round, Marshall had solid performances every night, averaging nine points and 2.8 rebounds in 21 minutes per game. The Cavaliers would find immense value out of Marshall's proven production in the regular season and playoffs, and his physical frame allows him to guard taller and stronger forwards.

The veteran wing typically spends his time at the small forward spot but is valuable as a small-ball four, too. As the Cavaliers continue to find their most success with one guard, three shooters and one big man, a player like Marshall is a perfect fit. With a Full MLE available, the Cavaliers can offer Marshall a sizeable pay raise that many other contenders cannot provide.