3 free agents on playoff teams the Cleveland Cavaliers steal this summer

Could the Cleveland Cavaliers add more playoff veterans this offseason?
New York Knicks v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Three
New York Knicks v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Three / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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As the first round of the NBA Playoffs wraps up, some role players have stood out among the rest and should catch the Cleveland Cavaliers' eye in free agency.

The offseason is still over a month away, but every NBA front office is already preparing their plans for free agency and the early stages of summer trade moves as they watch the postseason unfold. While most superstars join a new franchise via trade in the modern league, teams find winning veterans in free agency with Mid-Level Exceptions every year. These players might not define a franchise for generations, but they can impact winning and give their stars a needed boost in close matchups.

Last summer, Cleveland added Max Strus and Georges Niang to the roster to bolster their shooting and bench depth. Both players gave the Cavaliers plenty of reasons to appreciate them over the regular season. Strus entered the starting lineup from day one and became the ideal glue guy the Cavs needed. Niang forced opponents to respect Cleveland on the perimeter, punishing late closeouts with plenty of corner threes. Niang also was the only Cavalier to appear in all 82 games of the season, joining a rare class of Iron Man players.

While the Cavaliers have improved since last year's playoff embarrassment, they are still an imperfect team. Entering this offseason, the Cavs will likely look to continue their trend of signing veteran role players with a mix of shooting and defense. This summer might have plenty of changes for Cleveland from their coaching staff to their roster, meaning any veteran who joins the squad will have ample opportunities to earn a consistent spot in the rotation during training camp.

What kind of player do the Cavaliers need to add?

The Cavaliers are still in the midst of a heated playoff battle with the Orlando Magic, but their series has highlighted some areas of growth they can address in free agency this offseason. With another year of playoff experience under their belt, Cleveland's core group is growing in confidence, consistency and impact. Adding more playoff-tested talent will only help complement the work they have done so far.

For as much improvement as the Cavaliers made last offseason, their forward rotation still struggles to manage stronger, taller opponents. Though inexperienced in the postseason, the Orlando Magic's size has overwhelmed Cleveland's backup forward Georges Niang, leaving the Cavs bench brutalized by the end of every game. With Dean Wade injured for the second consecutive postseason, the Cavaliers should search the coming free agent class for another veteran.

The Cavaliers need to prioritize experience again this offseason, making free agents on current playoff teams their best candidates. From teams who have already been eliminated to contending squads, these three coming free agents could help Cleveland take the next step forward.