3 Former All-Stars the Cavaliers could snag off the buyout market

Kyle Lowry, Miami Heat
Kyle Lowry, Miami Heat / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages
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No. 1: Kyle Lowry

While significant injuries have sapped the athleticism and availability of Gordon Hayward and Kevin Love, it's simply Father Time who has brought Kyle Lowry to a place where he could be considered a buyout candidate.

Lowry will turn 38 years old before the end of March, and while the six-time All-Star is still playing well, he has certainly lost a step at this point in his career. He is still shooting the ball well (38.5 percent this season, albeit on reduced volume) and drawing charges, but his shot creation has been winnowed down as he has aged.

That means he is no longer a star in the starting lineup, but it could certainly make him an ideal backup point guard for a contending team. He was just traded to the rebuilding Charlotte Hornets as a part of the Terry Rozier trade, and unless the Hornets can find a taker for Lowry and his $29.68 million contract, he is a prime candidate to hit the buyout market.

While most contending teams would love to add Lowry, many such teams are prevented from doing so by the new CBA restrictions; teams like the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks literally cannot sign Lowry. The Philadelphia 76ers can offer Lowry a return to his hometown, but if they solve their backup point guard need on the trade market, the Cavaliers would be an intriguing landing spot.

None of these players are guarantees, either that they will hit the buyout market or sign with the Cavaliers. All of them are possibilities, however, and could add experience and production to a team with its sights set on playoff success.

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