3 Former All-Stars the Cavaliers could snag off the buyout market

Kyle Lowry, Miami Heat
Kyle Lowry, Miami Heat / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages
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No. 3: Gordon Hayward

Once a college star who nearly broke the hearts of Duke basketball fans with a near-miss heave in the National Championship Game, Gordon Hayward was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2010 and developed into an All-Star forward.

14 years later, injuries have plagued Hayward and kept him from reaching the heights he seemed on track for earlier in his career. At the same time, he is unquestionably a talented offensive player, a solid passer and crafty scorer with good size at either forward position.

That's a valuable player to have in a bench role for any contending team, a proven veteran who can enter the game and keep the offense rolling. Hayward is a career 36.9 percent 3-point shooter and 82.3 percent free-throw shooter, and whether he is handling the ball or shooting off-the-catch he still has a lot to offer.

Hayward won't stand up under a large role, but a small role that increases slightly in the playoffs seems perfect for him. His large contract ($31.5 million) makes it difficult for teams to trade for him, but with the Charlotte Hornets' season in a tailspin he could be a candidate to give back a small amount to sign with a playoff team on the buyout market. If so, the Cavaliers should give him a call.