3 drastic moves the Cavaliers could make following Garland and Mobley injuries

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics
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No. 1: The Cavaliers might need to move on from J.B. Bickerstaff early

While these injuries will stop Cleveland's current momentum toward the playoffs, the injuries also stop Bickerstaff from proving himself one way or the other as the right man for the job.

Cavaliers President of Basketball Operations Koby Altman has taken a patient approach to any major moves since acquiring Donovan Mitchell in 2022. The Cavs are not yet in a true win-now situation. Mobley and Garland are seen as the future of the organization, and both players are far from entering their prime years. With Bickerstaff, though, he is in his fifth season as the head coach and has yet to take this team to any truly astonishing results.

Bickerstaff has faced continued criticism for his perplexing rotation choices, often only employing eight players in a game after boasting of the team's depth and potential for a 10-man rotation during training camp.

With Bickerstaff's inflexible gameplans, it is hard to imagine that he can retool his strategies enough to keep the Cavs afloat until Garland and Mobley return. The Cavs do not need to reset their entire roster and start from scratch after just two tough injuries, but the current leadership has already been underwhelming with a talented and healthy squad in the past.

It might simply be time to cut the cord and move on from Bickerstaff sooner rather than later. The NBA has a wealth of available coaches, including current assistant coaches such as Sacramento Kings assistant and former player Leandro Barbosa. If the Cavs do choose to find a new coach, now is the time to do it.

Next, the Cavaliers might only need to look down their existing bench to find the answers to the sudden heartbreak.