3 "Damaged Goods" players the Cleveland Cavaliers should target this summer

The Cleveland Cavaliers could take a chance on an overlooked player this summer in a high-risk, high-reward move.
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Tobias Harris might be a good move for Cleveland

Following a sour end to his Sixers tenure, Tobias Harris enters free agency expecting a significant pay cut. Currently, Harris is reportedly a likely target to make a return to the Detroit Pistons, but if his negotiations fall through, the Cavaliers might become a leading candidate to sign the veteran forward to the MLE.

Despite losing favor with the Philly fans, Harris posted an average of 17.2 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3.1 assists while adding one steal and 0.7 blocks per night on the defensive end. Over his career, Harris has shot 36.8 percent from three, making him an ideal candidate to round out Cleveland's frontcourt rotation. The veteran forward has spent most of his career as a power forward, though he can occasionally switch to the small forward position when needed.

On the Cavs, Harris could compete for a starting role at the four if Cleveland moves on from Jarrett Allen early in the offseason. With Harris' strength and track record, the Cavaliers would find great value in what he provides. While the Cavs improved their shooting last summer, three-point shooting still became their downfall in the playoffs alongside rebounding. In theory, Harris can help alleviate both problems.

Considering Dean Wade's injury struggles and Georges Niang's poor playoff performance, the Cavaliers have no reason to ignore the possible impact Harris could bring on a team-friendly contract.