3 Cavaliers players who should be playing more ahead of playoffs

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Cavalier No. 3 - Dean Wade

Unsurprisingly, each player on this list a wing or forward who adds floor spacing. Defensively, Okoro and Dean Wade can stay in front of just about anybody without fouling. Throughout the season, Wade's production has fallen and risen. Still, Cleveland's most productive starting lineup included Wade in the frontcourt with Allen when Mobley was sidelined.

Dean Wade's greatest strength is also his fatal flaw - confidence. In stretches when Wade is confident in himself and his abilities, but those weeks or months when Wade hesitates on the perimeter or passes up an open shot, he becomes a non-factor on offense entirely. The best version of Dean Wade gives the Cavs crucial offensive rebounds, second-chance points and long-range daggers.

Wade rallied the Cavaliers to a historic 22-point comeback in the fourth quarter against the league-leading Boston Celtics, but he has also suddenly gone cold in key moments. A major part of this is the inconsistency in his role and opportunities. Wade, like every 3-and-D role player, will have beloved highs and heartbreaking lows. The Cavs should look to optimize the Kansas-bred forward's talents by keeping his chances plentiful for the rest of the year if they believe he can make a difference in the postseason.

The Cavaliers either need to invest in Wade entirely by giving him consistent minutes and opportunities or take him out of the rotation completely. If the Cavs want to enter the playoffs with momentum, they must solidify Wade's role. Ideally, Cleveland can unlock the best of Wade in the postseason on a reliable basis.

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