3 Cavaliers players who should be playing more ahead of playoffs

Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Cavalier No. 2 - Sam Merrill

The aforementioned Sam Merrill is a no-brainer to be included in Cleveland's nightly rotation from now on. Even when Merrill is in a slump from deep, his presence on offense alone forces opposing defenses to avoid collapsing on the paint out of fear that he will torch them from range.

Cavs coach J.B. Bickerstaff has had trouble implementing Merrill every game when the team has been healthy, considering their wealth of short wings and guards already. Nonetheless, the Cavs' offense is obviously improved when Merrill is on the court. Cleveland has experimented with small-ball lineups this season to emphasize shooting and pace, and it has shown positive impact thus far.

Merrill does not need 20-plus minutes in a game to swing momentum in the Cavs' favor. With just 10-15 minutes, he can give Cleveland a spark to give them the upper hand. His chemistry with Mitchell has been spectacular, making him a perfect bench role player to slot next to All-Star Spida when Garland is resting courtside.