3 Cavaliers players who should be playing more ahead of playoffs

Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Cavalier No. 1 - Isaac Okoro

If there is any single Cavalier player who has proven the detractors wrong, it is Isaac Okoro. While everybody on the Cavs faced criticism for their lifeless playoff series last year, Okoro's doubt loomed year after year. He was always recognized for his defensive excellence, and his baseline cuts had created viral highlights occasionally.

Still, the Cavaliers' trajectory and timeline past Okoro once Mitchell brough them back to the top of the conference. The Auburn prospect needed more time to develop his three-point shot and learn how to find his spots on the court. He has never been a bad NBA player, but he did not seem to fit the role the Cavs needed filled for a long time. Now, Okoro is almost as untouchable as anybody on the team after taking the biggest leap this season.

Drafted by the Cavaliers in 2020, Okoro has improved from deep every season, building up from a 29 percent clip in his rookie season up to his current 40-plus percent on three attempts per game. Although he is averaging the second-lowest minutes per game of his career, he is recording career highs in points (9.7), rebounds (3.1) and assists (2.0) throughout 54 games played.

Going forward, if Isaac Okoro is not the first person to check into a game off the bench, he needs to be the second at worst. With the vast list of elite scoring guards in the East, Okoro's two-way impact will be critical every night for the rest of the season and postseason.