3 bigs the Cavaliers should consider trading for before the deadline

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been severely impacted by injuries this year. To remain competitive and ensure a return to the playoffs, this piece will explore 3 possible trade scenarios to bring in some more big men to the team.
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Injuries have been the bane of the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. The Cavs have been without their star power forward, Evan Mobley, while he undergoes arthroscopic knee surgery. Prior to the news, Mobley had been absent from four games due to knee soreness. Now he is likely to return to the court sometime in March.

Cleveland certainly misses having one of their best defensive assets on the court for the next few months, not to mention the absence of Darius Garland these last few weeks with a fractured jaw. This Cavs team has been bitten by an injury bug that's been lingering a little too long.

Evan Mobley has played in twenty-one games this season. During that time he's averaged 16 points per game along with 10.5 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game as well. Between his average of 7.8 defensive rebounds and 1.7 blocks in a game, the Cavs are going to need all of their guys to step up on the defensive side of the court.

Especially Mobley's partner in the paint, Jarrett Allen. So far, Allen has managed to put up an average stat line of 14.8 points a game, with 9.9 rebounds and 2.9 assists in thirty-one games. Allen has embraced the challenge of anchoring Cleveland's defense without Mobley in the frontcourt with him and is certainly making a case for himself in the All-Star game this year.

The Cavaliers should upgrade their big position

Considering all of the injuries that have affected the Cavs this year so far, this team has shown a lot of resiliency. Being without two of your franchise cornerstones in Mobley and Garland is a huge loss for the Cavs. Yet, they've managed to make it work. Between the likes of Donovan Mitchell, the aforementioned Jarrett Allen, and even some unexpected heroes like Sam Merrill, the Cavs have kept themselves above water.

Although this team has continued to win games, and will have their starters back to full strength before the season ends, it never hurts to think of some alternate possibilities that can bring the Cavs closer to postseason glory.

That being said, let's break down three possible trade scenarios to bring in new big men to Cleveland. Starting off, let's head over to a team that could use some help tightening up their roster.