3 best surprises for Cleveland Cavaliers this season, 2 biggest disappointments

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The lack of Ty Jerome hurt Cleveland's backcourt

There is not much to say about another one of Cleveland's offseason additions, as Ty Jerome suffered a high ankle sprain in his second game with the Cavs and never returned to the lineup.

When Jerome joined the Cavaliers, the sharpshooting guard was seen as a reliable backup for Garland and Mitchell. Jerome built his reputation from beyond the arc with a hint of playmaking on the side. Though not expected to be a critical do-or-die member of the team, Jerome's absence this year was one of the first pillars to fall as the Cavaliers' inconsistent availability from game-to-game began.

Throughout the season, Cleveland held hopes that Jerome would return to the lineup. At times, it appeared that his return could be nearby, but the most recent news that Jerome would undergo surgery for his ankle injury eliminated the chance for the veteran guard to come back this year.

Jerome's predicament is at no fault of his own. Hopefully, he is capable of returning to the roster over the summer once he recovers from his successful procedure. Jerome is a serviceable point guard, but he unluckily lost a full season to injury. Thankfully for Jerome, he has another year guaranteed on his contract, so his opportunities are not gone yet. Conversely, the Cavaliers may view Jerome's cheap $2.5 million salary as nothing more than filler for an offseason trade. If Cleveland is searching for an upgrade in the summer, Jerome might be on the way out despite his recovery.