3 best players Cavaliers should trade Isaac Okoro for this summer

Isaac Okoro might be on his way out from the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer through a sign-and-trade.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game One
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game One / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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From Cleveland winters to Texas summers

If Okoro waves goodbye to the midwest winters, he would likely welcome the year-round warmth of Texas. In the final proposal, Okoro joins Victor Wembanyamaon the San Antonio Spurs to add another defensive workhorse to the Spurs' future.

Okoro S&T to Spurs

Admittedly, this deal favors San Antonio far more than the Cavs, making it the least exciting possibility for the Cleveland fanbase. The Spurs lack any players in the price range the Cavaliers could most easily target in an Okoro sign-and-trade, but this option gives the Cavs a reliable backup point guard and a future second-round pick.

At 24 years old, Tre Jones could be a steady contributor off the bench for the Cavaliers for the foreseeable future, though he is not as much of an instant impact player as Caruso or Looney. Jones' fit with Cleveland depends on whether or not Craig Porter, Jr. takes the next step this year as the second unit facilitator. Jones serves as a guaranteed option if Porter is not ready for the role, or Jones makes an unexpected leap himself.

With San Antonio's noted interest in Darius Garland, this deal could also be part of a larger two-trade deal, happening simultaneously with another blockbuster transaction. Since Okoro's deal is a sign-and-trade, it must be its own legal trade outside of whatever happens with Garland, though.

In total, the Cleveland Cavaliers may still opt to believe in Okoro's regular season growth and keep him around this summer. With a growing list of stars that could be available this summer, including numerous Cavs, rival teams might not be intrigued by Okoro enough to outbid Cleveland outright. If Okoro has played his last game as a Cavalier, though, a sign-and-trade could help the Cavs improve their depth.

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