3 "bad contracts" Cleveland Cavaliers should consider trading for this offseason

Despite being viewed as bad contracts, these three NBA players should be on the Cleveland Cavaliers' wish list this summer.
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"Bad" contract No. 3 - De'Andre Hunter ($21.7 million)

Ahead of the trade deadline, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a confirmed, yet seemingly short-lived, interest in De'Andre Hunter of the Atlanta Hawks. As the Hawks tailspin into a potential rebuild, the Cavaliers could add some of their best young talent before the implosion.

Hunter's biggest flaw in the NBA has been his mild-at-best defensive impact. When he was drafted from the Virginia Cavaliers (coincidence?), the young forward's most appealing trait was his defense. Virginia was the best defensive team in their conference that season, and Hunter played a major role in the system. At 6-foot 8-inches, Hunter is a tall small forward with strength and athleticism. The Hawks have never utilized a well-crafted defensive scheme since Hunter joined the team. If he joined a team that prioritized defense with the Cavs, his potential would quickly be realized.

At 26-years-old, Hunter is still an unfinished product, but he is already making an impact in the Association. To this point in his career, he is averaging 14.2 points, 4.1 rebounds and 36.6 percent on three-point attempts. This season, his shooting has gone up to a career high 39.6 on 5.3 attempts. Hunter has steadily improved since his rookie campaign, both as a scorer and overall talent.

With the Cavaliers, Hunter would likely retain a bench role unless he consistently outperformed Max Strus. If Hunter stepped up his defense and maintained his offensive impact, he could easily pave a path to joining the starting five.

This summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have a multitude of paths to growth to consider. They are are on the brink of breaking into the top tier of contenders but clearly need one more piece to complete the puzzle. Despite their high price tags, these three NBA talents could prove to be more than worth the cost for the Cavs.

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