2 trades the Cavaliers should consider to move on from Isaac Okoro

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks
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Trade Scenario No. 1

Sy's O'Neale to Cleveland trade

This is a simple swap that the Cavaliers should do for fit purposes. On the surface, Okoro and O’Neale have similar three-point percentages, but a deeper dive into the numbers game tells a different story. Brooklyn's O’Neale is a much better fit in this new Cavs offense than Okoro with his career reputation as a constant perimeter catch-and-shoot threat.

Additionally, the Cavaliers have repeatedly shown interest in O'Neale since last season. If Cleveland is targeting a 3-and-D wing this trade deadline, O'Neale is an obvious choice and upgrade from their current rotation.

On the season, O’Neale has 22 games with two or more three-pointers. Conversely, Okoro has six such games. O’Neale hits 1.9 three-pointers out of his 5.3 attempts per game. Okoro hits roughly one three per game on just under three attempts. O’Neale shoots 39 percent on catch and shoot threes compared to Okoro’s 36 percent. While Okoro has improved his accuracy, O'Neale is completing a similar percentage on a higher volume.

Both players have one year left on their deals, so the Cavs are not risking much by trading for the veteran O’Neale. O’Neale also has a wealth of playoff experience and is a more consistent shooter than Okoro. Additionally, while he is not as elite as Okoro defensively, he is still solid on that end of the floor.

Lastly for the Cavs, O’Neale became good friends with Cleveland star Donovan Mitchell during their time with the Utah Jazz together, guaranteeing a positive chemistry and another reason for Spida to extend with Cavlaiers. The Nets get a younger wing in Okoro that they can evaluate for the rest of the season to measure his extension possiblities. He is a low-cost target that can quickly fit next to Brooklyn's subpar defensive backcourt rotation.