2 trades the Cavaliers should consider to move on from Isaac Okoro

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks
Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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Rollercoaster - that is the one word that can perfectly encapsulate Isaac Okoro’s tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When he was taken with the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, it was known that Okoro would be a project. While he came into the league with elite defensive acumen, Okoro had some offensive shortcomings that made many question his ability. The Cavs thought that could be worked around, but that process has yielded inconsistent results.

Okoro has increased his three-point percentage every year since he entered the league. He has gone from a 29 percent three-point shooter to 35 percent this year. Still, Okoro barely shoots three attempts per game despite having great looks on a game-by-game basis. This was especially prevalent in the Cavs lopsided playoff loss to the New York Knicks last season, as Cleveland played four-on-five on offense due to Okoro’s deficiencies. He was not respected by the Knicks defense, leading to the Cavaliers' offense stagnating. 

While Okoro has been an integral part of the Cavs’ hot streak, the question whether or not he will be a liability again come postseason time still remains. If the Cavs were to trade him, it should be with an eye on postseason success. These two trade proposals give the Cavaliers proven playoff talent while moving on from Okoro.