2 things Evan Mobley still has to prove this season with Cleveland Cavaliers

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Evan Mobley needs to elevate his offensive versatility

Since his arrival in the Association, Mobley has received comparisons to numerous NBA greats. One name has stood out among the rest - Kevin Garnett. Mobley responded positively to the comparison, realizing his potential to fit the same mold as the Boston Celtics legend. Defensively, Mobley's versatile skillset as a weakside defender and interior stopper already mimics much of what carved out Garnett's Hall of Fame career. Offensively, though, the two still differ.

Garnett's prime came during the early 2000's, an era before the eruption of floor spacing bigs and constant three-pointers. Still, Garnett was recognized as a big man who could do exactly that, even at what would be considered low volume in the modern NBA. Additionally, his midrange post work was the crux of his offensive greatness.

As for Mobley, he has shown flashes of the post moves and midrange potential, but he has not fully realized it yet. Given his build and the moments he has shown, Cleveland's star could theoretically reach the same acclaim as KG in time. In his third season, Mobley's scoring still looks eerily identical to his rookie and sophomore seasons. While he is still far from a poor offensive player, his inability to consistently punish defenses from outside of the restricted zone is an undeniable weakness for Mobley.

Coming back from injury, Mobley will initially be on a minutes restriction somewhere within the low-20's per game for some time. When he suits back up and takes the floor, Mobley needs to make every minute on the offensive end count. The new-look Cavs offense has depended heavily on floor spacing, relying on Dean Wade as the starting four in Mobley's place. As much as Mobley adds on defense, he cannot command defensive commitment from the perimeter.

Mobley will not miraculously emerge as a league-leading shooter when he is back. But, he will need to show better efficiency from the midrange to help the Cavaliers maintain their team-oriented offense. Passing has shown major improvement for Mobley this year, meaning he will still enhance the ball rotation and selfless nature. He will be low on the pecking order behind Donovan Mitchell and Jarrett Allen, meaning Mobley will have to efficiently take advantage of his touches upon return.

Secondly, Mobley needs to up his efficiency and then maintain it week-to-week.