2 things Evan Mobley still has to prove this season with Cleveland Cavaliers

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After being sidelined from arthroscopic knee surgery since December 15, Cleveland Cavaliers budding star forward Evan Mobley is approaching an early return.

Cavaliers insider Chris Fedor from cleveland.com reported that Mobley could return to the hardwood as early as next week. No definitive date has been set for the 22-year-old star to reemerge, but Mobley's potential early return is the one of the few positive news story for the Cleveland faithful since the season began. In the midst of Tristan Thompson's 25-game suspension and Ty Jerome's ankle surgery, the eventual end to the long-term injury woes is a glimmer of hope as the half-way point of the season has passed.

For Evan Mobley, though, this return is the launch point to prove himself after a rocky start. Mobley's knee had been a growing issue since the offseason, likely contributing to Mobley's underwhelming early season; however, with Mobley's rookie extension approaching the latter half of the season and upcoming postseason will be crucial for his long-term role and position with the Cavaliers. There is n reason to view Mobley as a negative piece for the Cavs, but he is in a spot to change the narrative on his growth when he comes back.

Throughout his 21 games this season, Mobley has averaged 16 points, 1.7 blocks and career highs in both rebounds (10.5) and assists (2.9). His defensive prowess and court vision have shown strides this season, but his scoring and shooting have yet to reach the expectations set before opening night. This has left Mobley with something left to prove to the world in his third season.